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Thread: Phenix engineering fan shroud

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    Phenix engineering fan shroud

    Just noticed their fan shroud is ready and looks good but quite pricey. I've asked a few questions about it ie. How it's wired up etc.
    From looking at the pictures how does everyone else think it's wired up?
    Does it do away with the whole fan control module (black unit near expansion tank)?
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    The description on the page says it does away with the FCM (fan control module).

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    thats ridiculous money surely????
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    link to build thread

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    $780!!!!!!!!!!!!! fecking hell!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigerfish View Post
    The description on the page says it does away with the FCM (fan control module).
    For that money I’d want them to do away with coolant
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    So it looks like it comes straight off the radiator temp sensor which it would indeed remove the FCM but would only be single speed which, to be honest, is usually the case when people put 2 slimline fans on anyway - certainly how mine works.

    As I understand it, it takes power directly off the battery and uses the rad temp sensor as the relay trigger, simple but should work nicely. Looks a very nice bit of kit but absolutely bonkers money for what it is, 2 x 12inch fans are massively overkill for most of us & they might not even fit with R32 swaps, I have barely any room at the front.

    Could easily be done for a fraction of the price BUT they are a business so they are out to make money, if people want them they will pay.

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    I'd be upset at half that for two 12" fans and a CNC bracket

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