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Thread: Best Zinc Primer Spray?

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    Best Zinc Primer Spray?

    Anyone got an idea of the best zinc primer spray to stop rust coming back

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    16th April 2006
    I used UPOL Zinc 182 - but I did remove the rust first with hydrochloric acid - if you intend to paint with 2-pack paint go easy on the panel wipe as it will remove aerosol type primer, but the primer itself is completely stable under the paint.

    The rust has not returned on anything I've done (mostly battery tray) so far.

    Really unless you remove it..... it will come back... my experience with remedies and potions is bad, - cut it out, shot blast it or acid removal has had the best results for me, then a good coat of primer.
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    It’s a back wheel arch of a car not my Corrado but another car and it will be painted by a body shop so difficult to shot blast.

    It’s surface rust and has been ground out


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    A bodyshop should have a sandblaster that has a direct panel rubber gaiter fitted to it so it can be held directly on the panel, it also has a vacuum cylinder that pulls the used sand away..

    Something like this...

    I used to use it all the time when I worked in a bodyshop for mainly getting the rust out of wheel arches! usually MK3 Escort XR3i's - rot boxes they were! LOL!

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    Just like a golf................But better!!!

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