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Thread: Advice on Cleaning Injectors

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    3rd September 2018
    There's definitely pressure in the rail because I had to replace the supply pipe to the rail as the joint had perished.

    Oil pressure relief valve has been replaced and the engine cranks over at normal speed during starting.

    Lots of good suggestions coming from the forum. I think the first priority has to be the integrity of the injectors.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Sounds like a good place to start (and hopefully end) then. I have read somewhere but can’t find now that VW expected the injectors to need servicing at somepoint (100k?). So with that in mind it’s worth getting them looked at as part of maintenance anyway (that’s my logic anyhow!)

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    send them away for cleaning

    all inj cleaner in the tank will do is loosen any deposits then they will collect in the micro filter thats inside the injector , its not a massive amount of money to have them cleaned and checked

    if its smoking might be a stuck piston ring

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