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Thread: VR6 Water Pump Replacement

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    VR6 Water Pump Replacement

    Hey everyone,

    Just a quick one, having finally sorted my idle issues out and issues with bucking which I am happy about, I have noticed a water leak coming from my water pump (which is great).

    I've got the replacement pump from GSF, was £30 with the metal fins but currently have a code for 60% off if anyone needs anything, code is GSF60, got it down to a nice £14 or so.

    My question is, I know I need to remove the front mount bolt and rear, I was reading you need to also loose the gearbox mount as well, but what's the best way to lock the pulley in place to release the bolts holding it in place? Anyone got any tips before I go and get this swapped out, can't be having it loosing coolant with what seems to be a bad winter on the way.

    Cheers if anyone does have any tips/advice.

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    Yeah, you need to unbolt the rear engine mount and front mount and then undo the bolt on the gearbox mount about half way. This allows the engine to tilt, but prevents it moving sideways / falling on the floor as lining it back up could be a pain.

    To stop the pulley turning you can stick a screwdriver through one of the holes and wedge it to allow you to undo the bolts. Doing this before you remove the aux belt helps too.

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    You can get triangular water pump spanners that hold the pulley in place while you undo the bolts - very handy.

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