Been dealing with a bucking issue with light throttle on my tdi motor in my corrado. swapped the front mount for a solid but it rattled everything so violently, and the problem is with the rear hydraulic mount not able to handle the motor its worse now that its running right and tuned.

Thinking of buying the late style mk2 mount with the older style rear mount(199 165HD)not sure to go with the shore hardness or 55 or 65 compared to the standard if i go this route.

Other option which is free at the moment would be taking the k frame off the 97 tdi passat i got chilling in the yard, i got the mount that would need to be bolted to the block to use the other mount in the tdi k frame but not sure if i can bolt the k frame directly to a g60 and use my control arms and steering rack that are on the g60 right now.