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Thread: Fan stays on long after engine has been switched off...

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    4th April 2016

    Fan stays on long after engine has been switched off...

    Hi guys,

    As title, my fan stays on long after I've switched the engine off. Any ideas? In a separate issue, my car is also high idling (1000rpm)once it gets to normal temperature. Only when I switch the engine off and back on again does it 'reset' bakc to normal (750rpm) idle. Could these issues be linked? Temperature switch or something?

    Many thanks, it's a 95 9A.
    1994 SHERRY PEARL 16V

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    I'm not sure on the 9A but the VR6 fans run on for some time after switch off. How long does it stay on for roughly? The fan is regulated by water temp though, and idle is by the oil temp via the ecu so won't be linked. Idle issues can be a plethora different things so worth doing a search to see if others have experienced similar symptoms, and go from there.
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    Replace the fan switch temperature sender in the radiator.

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    Thanks, guys. I'm going to monitor the fan situation as it seems ok the last couple of days. Regarding the idle issue, it's not lumpy, it's just as if, once the temperature has reached normal level, my revs rise to 1000rpm as if I'm starting from a cold start again. I'm thinking about changing the thermostat... Can anyone tell me the best place to find one for my 9a? Cheers!
    1994 SHERRY PEARL 16V

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