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Thread: Crack pipe - block corrosion

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    Crack pipe - block corrosion

    Mechanic is struggling to get new crack pipe to seal at block end, he mentioned there is some corrosion on the block, that was emery clothed before new crack pipe fitted.

    Canít recall what make the new crack pipe is, it is a plastic one, I gave him 2 as I bought one that came by itself (Most likely from VW Heritage) and if I recall the other came with a new thermostat housing kit, one of them would not fit into the block at all apparently!

    Any tips or tricks, as it needs stripping back down tomorrow but it is understandably hard to tell if it is sealing properly until filled and at pressure?


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    Common problem. Make sure he makes the surface properly smooth. Also, refit the crack pipe with some grease on the o ring.
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    I had problems with mine . As Hasan said in the above reply make sure itís clean and plenty of lube. I the end , after struggling to push it ,push and twist it , I gave in and put a block of wood on the end and tapped it in .

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    I actually ended up using a drill attachment with sandpaper on to get the perfect smooth finish.
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    Yeah, if it's not perfect, the o-ring will catch on the corrosion and may even get damaged so it won't seal properly. I heated the seal in some hot water and used a bit of lube - I don't think it's meant to be easy to fit even when new as it has to make a good water tight seal.

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