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Thread: Reverse light fix

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    Reverse light fix

    Just mentioning this in case others encounter it. I was having issues with my reverse lights for a long time, and finally got around to fixing it. They were intermittent for a while, depending on where the gear lever was, then would only briefly flash on when put in reverse. I removed the connector to the switch and shorted the terminals and the lights came on fine. So I removed the switch to see about replacing it, but once removed, I noticed the pin inside it the sleeve must hit, was kind of dirty and not moving smoothly. It only moves a couple of millimeters but I guess there was enough gunk in there that it wasn't getting a reliable connection. I shot brakekleen in there and lubed up the chrome lever, reinstalled and its now working fine. I love old cars you can actually fix!

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    Good tip - is the switch on the gear lever housing? On some cars it's in the gearbox itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fendervg View Post
    Good tip - is the switch on the gear lever housing? On some cars it's in the gearbox itself.
    It sits on top of the transmission lever assembly, so fairly accessible in the engine bay. Its right under the lower radiator hose, but still fairly easy to remove with two screws. Its a cheap part, but now that its fixed it will probably work for the next 25 years

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