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Thread: VW Corrado VR6 M reg 94

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    VW Corrado VR6 M reg 94

    Hi Guys,

    Above is a link to my corrado VR6 for sale.

    Ultimately the car HAS to go now so I am open to offers. Its with a very heavy heart I do this but needs must!

    my phone no is 07464723373 and i can provide many more pictures. The car is beautiful and has been an absolute pleasure. It would be nice for someone on here to pick her up and take care of it.


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    HAS to go guys. 6k on the advert I would accept a huge amount less

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    Enthusiast pfnsht's Avatar
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    2nd February 2018
    Bad time of year to sell, if you can hold on till spring you're more likely to get closer to the £6k.

    What's the mileage? Chains done? Seems well cared for and a bargain at the £4k currently advertised at.
    1995 White VR6 CCGB Member 4303

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    146k miles, chains not done but no rattles. and I agree on the bargain comment but I need the money

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    Well shes gone. A very very disappointing £2,800. I suspect my timing has cost me a huge amount but unfortunately time wasn't on my side.

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    Sad times mate good luck with your future cars.

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    It's back up for sale on ebay at £4750

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    So it is! I had it up for a year and got no way near. The market may pick up and it may sell but i v much doubt it

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    Shame as I spoke to you. But only had 2600. Could of managed 2800.was on a tight budget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k993apc View Post
    Shame as I spoke to you. But only had 2600. Could of managed 2800.was on a tight budget.
    I wouldnt be too disheartened mate.


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