A little while since I have been here

For sale with much regret but it is just sitting wasting away. I really don’t want to sell it but its what I’d call a diamond in the rough. It will be the perfect fixer upper for someone. I spend most of my weekends out of the county so have no time to do it myself.
1992 2.0 16v (9A) on a J reg with 157024 on the clock and most of a service history (stops 2009 when it came off the road)
95% original car, only modifications I can see are speakers in the parcel shelf and different head unit.
Has been off the road for 9 years this month and is all a bit of a sad storey in itself, I have known the car for 11 years but only had it for 18 months
This is a project car I was going use in to make my g60 as close to original as I could and then make the 16v into a 1.8t track day car with all the ‘’go faster bits’’ I have spent a fortune on over the years. But lack of time and possibility of relocating across the country I have decided to find it a better home.

Bad bits
Non-runner in the last 6 months the main fuel pump has packed up otherwise drives fine.
Being Red is really faded from years in the sun but I have T-cut a patch back to its former glory with minimal effort.
2 small areas of rust worst is a hole in the drivers sill at the front end (wing off job and the car still has its original wings which is a shame) the second patch is surface corrosion on the N/S/R arch, the N/S of the car has been painted at some point and I suspect this wasn’t dealt with properly before the paint went on. Otherwise there is no rust on the car (I’m a mechanic and have had it up on the ramps at work and underneath the shell is spotless.
To get an MOT (I am a MOT tester) due to the nature of being stood for so long all the brakes (discs, pads, hoses and pipes) all sus bushes and front arms need replacing. All tyres hold air but I would trust them. Bonnet cable is broken at the handle end
Front bumper mount on the N/S is slightly damaged form the car being parked in a ditch at about 10mph. Other than a gap of about 15/20mm between the bumper and the wing you wouldn’t know anything has happen. I have access to a body dozer and was going to pull it straight over the summer but never got round to it.

Good bits
Very original car, very straight other the bits mention when the engine ran it was sweet as a nut idle perfectly and rev’d freely with no bad noises.

Car is located just west of Okehampton very close to the A30. There is a possibility I could deliver it of meet half way.

I’d like £800 for it but I’m open to insulting offers. I have no idea how to post photos but please PM and I can email or whatsapp them across.