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Thread: Door panel needed

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    Door panel needed

    Hi guys,

    So over this past weekend, I think my passenger side door latch went out and I cannot get that door opened at all. I think I may need to cut into the door panel in order to get it opened. I cannot find another way to get it opened. Does anybody have/know where I can get a passenger side door panel? It has the red dot fabric interior.


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    There should be a way of getting the door opened without having to damage the inner door trim panel. At least it's on the passenger side, not the drivers.

    Is there any movement when you use the interior door pull or the locking knob on top of the card? Two other options would be to see if you can release the look catch by inserting something narrow and flexible like a hacksaw blade between the B pillar and the door from the inside, or failing that, as these cars were very easy to break into by sliding a ruler or similar between the outer window slot trim and the glass and hooking the actuating rod, give that a try. A lot of the older auto locksmiths and breakdown specialists would probably get into a VW of this vintage very quickly.

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    I am taking it to somebody to try to open it this week. We tried to slide something down to pop it open with no success. There is no movement at all when I try to open from the inside. I am hoping that this guy I am taking it to will be able to open it for me.

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    Hopefully you will be able to open it without resorting to damaging the inner panel.
    If not, send me a foto of your panel as I've probably got a few spares in good nick.

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    Thanks guys! I appreciate it. I got the door opened today finally

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