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Thread: January 2019 issue = (Morden Classics)

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    January 2019 issue = (Morden Classics)

    Magazine = (Morden Classics) January 2019 issue, apparently there's a section on the 40 best cars from the 1990s to own that you can get now for under £15000 One of them is the Corrado VR6. It's a green VR6 Storm with reg plate ( N256 EGS )

    Link below:

    Just thought I'd give you all a SHOUT, possibly out later this month in shops if it isn't already, cost is roughly £4.50

    Had MK2 1.8 Scirocco Scarla 1998 to 2002
    had it lowered on original wheels,
    K&N air fitler and Janspeed exhaust system.

    Now have 94 M reg Corrado 2.0 16v since 2002 still got it,
    been off the road now since early 2015
    hoping to get it finished this year.

    Also have a 2015 Seat Ibiza TSI i-tech as my daily driver.

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    Want there a comparison of the vr6 and the bmw 325i last month too?
    [ WARNING: the above message may contain irony, sarcasm and outright lies. ]

    ** Every time you think about sex, another Corrado gets written off. **

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    Looking forward to reading this thanks Si .

    92 VR6 . DBP. She will never be a show car ..... But will be up there with the best of em .

    The bmw seems invincible in isolation . But along side the corrado - a modern classic , we think- it has its work cut out . Autocar 1992.

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    Appearing more and more in the classic mags these day's isn't it.
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    I noticed the Corrado is also in the Jan 2019 issue of Classic Car Mart:

    The supermarket copy is wrapped in plastic, so didn't get a chance to read it :-D

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