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Thread: Left to rot .. Storm content

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    Left to rot .. Storm content

    I hate seeing cars left to rot but this particular car has been sitting in my Wife's village since around 2010. I've always loved the Corrado and since getting mine a year ago it hurts even more!


    It's front wheels are off and drive axle's are tossed underneath it's rear bumper

    Never had the cash to buy it, although it's not for sale.

    Anyone else have similar findings?
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    I saw a Sherry Pearl 16v in Fareham a few years ago, it was owned by the housemate of the guy my wife was supporting. She asked if he was willing to sell it which he was, but wanted far too much for it in the state it was in. That was about 5 years ago now though.
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    Heh some people just try it on. I'm guessing a car that has sat outside for 5 or 10 years is going to need major money throwing at it.

    I might give this Storm a try at Christmas. Probably not a good idea if I did get my hands on it - my wife would divorce me!
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