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Thread: Engine swap 1.8t advice

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    Engine swap 1.8t advice

    Hi there I'm new to the forum and to corrado ownership having just acquired a 1994 2.0 16v. The engine is high mileage and lacking in the power department,
    So I'm thinking of swapping to a 1.8t agu engine but I'd like some advice on doing the swap with regards to parts required.
    I'm not after mega power just abit more than the standard 9a engine.
    I'd also like the setup to be a bit different so I'd like to do away with the turbo and run a supercharger instead, will the standard agu ecu be able to handle a remap that would suit the supercharger.
    Is there anything I should consider before starting this project.
    Little bit of background on me I'm a electrical, mechanical engineer by trade so the project shouldn't be beyond me.
    Any help/advice would be most appreciated.

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    Hi Giles,

    Can't help with the charger, buts its a common engine swap. Have a look here, loads of info available.
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    If you want to be different keep the 9A engine! LOL! - they seem to be the first to get skipped for 18T engines...

    If you're not after huge power which a tuned 18T will give you of course if you have deep pockets, as most are now pretty old and will require a once over in the bearings/rings department... possibly guides/seals.. more than likely a new/refreshed turbo.

    You could do all that on your 9A or fit an ABF maybe... I'm far from a purist but like to keep things roughly how they left the factory

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    Thanks for the advice I ll have a read through that thread.
    I also agree with the comments about keeping it standard with the 9a engine which was my original intention just feel the engine isnt worth wasting the money as its held back by the mechanical fuel injection.

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    I was going to put a 1.8t in mine I even bought most of the stuff needed but thought it was a shame to take a perfect engine can work out expensive with cambelt kit clutch and loads of other bits
    1990 1.8 16v white

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    Fit the ABF?

    I'm not sure but I think the ABF head/inlet/injection system will fit the shorter block... could be worth checking for sure - but you could also run it on carbs, they sound like an absolute weapon!

    Not difficult to get 180bhp, cams, head work, manifold etc...

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    Thanks for the reply couple of questions now iv got an engine, gearbox, loom and ecu.
    1. Can the standard 9a corrado fuel pump setup work with the agu fuel injection or is not man enough.

    2. Can I use the agu gearbox (not sure on gearbox code will look once iv cleaned it) with my drive shafts?

    Cheers for the help.

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    As said use the 16v and supercharge that. 1.8t have been done to death and are old engines themselves.

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    The 9a pump if in good condition is good to use,
    Don’t know about other gearboxes,I used an O2a diesel box in mine

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    Brilliant thanks for the reply with regards to the fuel pump that will make life easier.
    Iv got the engine and gearbox now in my garage so I can just offer it all up.

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