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Thread: Hard to get 1st and second gear

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    Hard to get 1st and second gear

    Hi I had a gearbox and clutch fitted a while ago but it's never liked going into 1st gear since.ive tried adjustment on gearbox side and it's still the same.its got a decent oil in box and a Valeo clutch.ive tried to adjust it on gear stick side but nothing seems to happen (unless I am undoing wrong nut).reverse gear is fine.its like it needs to be adjusted slightly so gear stick goes further to the left more when going for 1st gear.
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    Hello mate have a read of this thread it's got good info especially on the first page.

    Link below:

    Hope this helps

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    ive read this a number of times but cant work it out thing I have noticed is the spring on the gearstick side doesent do anything its loose on mine and always has been but it doesn't cause play in gearstick
    1990 1.8 16v white

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