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    I’m going to treat myself to some mid range Coilovers for my vr6 in the next few weeks, just wondering what people’s opinions were. AP, V maxx, or something similar.

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    AP have very good reviews. Apparently they're KW but zinc coated rather than stainless.
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    I'm thinking of getting a BC coilover or similar setup for my VR6. The BC coilover is adjustable in hight without altering the dampening and is in the midrange price vice.
    I also consider the Yellow Speed coilovers but I don't know anyone who actually runs them on their rado. Got some 17 inch bbs that hopefully will be ready for this summer and they need some coils.
    But stay away from the low priced coils like JOM. They are utterly ****e...
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    In the same boat here , following... Heard the same about the AP's ,

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    Can vouch for aps. Every bit as good as the kw v2s I have on my bora but half the price.

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    Ok, just wanted to say that I bought the Yellow Speed Racing DPS coilovers and they look very promising. Hopefully I will have time to install them in the near future.. The Corrado season has not yet started here tho
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    Put the AP's on my Corrado not long before I sold it.. they went on fine and seemed good quality for the money. As always though with coilovers the true test is how well they hold up to corrosion, etc - which unfortunately I can't comment on.

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