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Thread: Back again

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    Back again

    Just took delivery of a corrado vr6 i’ve owned before in the past and this time it’s staying for good.
    Bodywork is great on the car, no rust, engine rebuilt by stealth, magnex, koni ta’s with h&r’s. Samcos, bmc, headlight loom there’s lots.
    Had a corrado vr6 from about 19-20 and always had one at some stage, 42 now with two kids so the corrado will be a summer weekend cruiser.

    We have two other cars in the household one being a e46 m3 which i’m looking to sell come march april time.

    Car hadn’t been started and stood for over three years in underground storage and after a bit of tinkering and fresh fuel we managed to get her going, so happy, even the wife loves the corrado and the noise it makes.

    Shame they have just salted the roads as it won’t be coming out until it’s had four new tyres and a big list of jobs, one of them the dreaded heater matrix.

    Cant believe the sunroof still tilts and slides as well!

    Plan is in a few years for me and three other mates to go to shows, drives out as they each have their old cars from past, a mk2 golf ti, escort and a mini

    Few pics of the car after being dropped off, looks tidy for not having a wash for over 4 years..

    F41A2CE9-CD04-4A8C-94B2-91E084ED560D by Matthew cox, on Flickr
    E555588C-8DFC-480F-B900-271557F8693C by Matthew cox, on Flickr
    978DA7A7-3AAB-4A33-81EF-FEE203215FA1 by Matthew cox, on Flickr
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    92 VR6

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    Same year as mine... looks a bit more complete than mine thou! LOL!

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    It was a steal, its at a mates unit now having the heater matrix fitted, oil change and four new tyres and then road test.

    Only problem is they have salted the roads..

    Found an old pic

    E7726E5C-B536-4251-834D-873D1A144F02 by Matthew cox, on Flickr
    92 VR6

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    Tidy! Must be good to be back in a VR after a while away!
    The heater matrix is a pain... replacing the coolant hoses at the same time was worse!

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    Luckily I didn't have to do the heater matrix myself, had a good drive out today and it brought back memories, forgot how comfy and suited they are to munching up the miles as well.
    Was going to keep it off the road over winter but sod it im using it, I'll just have to keep on top of the cleaning
    92 VR6

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