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Thread: CTN Gearbox and MK4 Shifter Mod

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    CTN Gearbox and MK4 Shifter Mod


    I've been reading about upgrading the gearbox in G60 to the CTN box to give better gear ratio's, and have also been reading about changing the shifting mechanism to the mk4 stuff. However I can't seem to find anything from anyone that has done both changes together. I've found something about changing the shift towers over from the O2A box into the CTN, but that it also needs some modifications making. So would that also need doing if I was to try putting the mk4 shift tower in the CTN box?

    Any help is appreciated!


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    The later shift tower bolts straight in to the older 02A boxes mate. Just make sure you get the matching bottom support for the shifter's shaft, the part that bolts onto the bottom of the gearbox housing with 'VW' embossed on it as two types were made, one type for a thinner shaft shifts and another had a larger diameter.
    You'll have to also get the reverse light switch off the mk4's tower too, they are different. Buy a VW polo aluminum gear lever housing as it bolts straight into your corrado's tunnel so no faffin around making up spacers and bodges to install the mk4 shifter housing..
    I did this mod a couple of years back but i can't remember every detail though.. I did have a problem with the brand new Vw polo housing though, iirc a couple or the holes that secure the gearlever's securing plate weren't threaded, nothing major though.

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    OK great - thanks for the useful information! Now I just have to find the mk4 gearbox I know is somewhere in my garage and hope it's got the right shift tower!

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