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Thread: CaM Shaft postition sensor bolt

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    CaM Shaft postition sensor bolt


    Corrado Vr6 1996 N reg

    Can anyone help please . My cam sensor reataining alum key bolt is looking chewed up / stripped. Could not fit new sensor today part number cam sensor 021907601A .

    Looked on oempc and gave the part number for a bolt N 01021527 but is a bolt and mine is an alum key bolt at the moment.

    Could anyone advise or give correct part number .


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    I get the bolt as N 010 215 27 "Hex head bolt, M6x15" from an old version of Etka.
    It may be superseded to the part number you got?

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    Thanks mate that is the part number I have ordered but the diagram it does not look like an alen key , has anybody changed there cam sensor latley was it an alen key bolt or a hex bolt. It will be arriving in a day or so it might be an alen key bolt. P.s Hortons seat has a variety of Rado discountinued bolts and four to five times cheaper then anyone else without mentioning other company names.

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    It's an allen head socket bolt - don't take what you see in the parts diagram as gospel, the illustration is often incorrect, but ordering by part number should get you the right one.

    93 Corrado VR6
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    Hi, just to let you know the bolt must of supereseded the alen bolt even though it does not show this on etka. It fits fine and I prefer a hex bolt then an alen key as less lightly to strip the head . Just to confuse you even more N 01021527 part number has been superseded by part number N01-021-533.

    cam sensor bolt.jpeg
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