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Thread: Hot start/running problems

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    Test drive went ok, but annoyingly stalled a few times coming to junctions and oil temp warmed up before water which is weird. idled nice when warm though.
    Power was strong, especially low down.
    Pal who did the work just returned a storm to a customer and he says it pulls harder than it.

    It hasn’t been run in 4 years so probably needs a good run and maybe i’ll have a look at the isvs for cleaning?

    It has a k&n filter on there at the mo which is very dirty so not sure whether to fit a bmc or something else

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    The stalling at junctions could be a dirty throttle body or a vacuum leak.

    For the air filter, the stock air box with a paper filter is plenty good enough unless you want more noise - none of the other options give a proven performance gain, except maybe for the BMC CDA, where the jury is still out.

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    Oil should warm up before the coolant imo as the coolant should be cooling the oil, if the coolant was hotter than the oil i'd be worried.

    Have you tried fuel pump relay, i used to have stalling and hot start issues until i changed mine. quite cheap and easy,. maybe worth a try
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    Will try the relay thanks.

    My m3 coolant warms up to 80 degrees in probably 2-3 miles and the oil can take up to 10 miles to get to 80-90 degrees.
    I had the csl warm up lights on a previous car which took ages to go out so got to know when it was save to open her up, i always thought coolant warms up before the engine oil?

    The coolant temps are good on the dash on the vr, heaters are not super warm so might bleed the coolant again, plus it’s pushing a bit of coolant out of the expansion tank and a new cap solved it last time so i’ll check the cap again
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    Cheers fendervg, i had a bmc on the last car and it sounded great, a bit boomy low down but love the look of them under the hood so might get another

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Bowen View Post
    Oil should warm up before the coolant imo as the coolant should be cooling the oil, if the coolant was hotter than the oil i'd be worried.
    In fact this doesn't seem to be the case, the water warms up quite quickly compared to the oil. That's one of the reasons the car has an oil temp gauge in the first place so you can tell when the oil is up to operating temp. The coolant water is running around the engine block itself and it probably circulates more quickly than the oil itself does, particularly before the thermostat opens the fluid capacity is seriously reduced.
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    I did come up with my theory in my own head so it might not be the case
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    I agree with coolant temp up before oil temp 100%. If it’s taking too long for coolant temp to rise could be thermostat is stuck open so water is going around all the system from cold and will take longer to get to normal running temperature for coolant.
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    Update.. just insured the car for £150 fully comp which is good, taxed this morning and set out for a 50 mile trip with a tank full of v power.
    Car was faultless, no stalling to be seen and idle is super smooth, plus temps are all good. Oil got up to 114 max and water 85, oil sits at 98 when cruising.
    My guess is because it hadn't been used for over 4-5 years it needed a bit of use.
    Plus the coolant isn't escaping from anywhere around the expansion bottle, there might of been some left around the bottle from when it was topped up, but cleaned it up before I set off and not a sign of it anywhere

    So it's had a heater matrix, oil and filter, new fuel pump and fuel filter, new battery clamp, dipstick guide and loads more bits.

    Forgot the noise and the feel of these cars, couldn't stop smiling cruising down the m50

    Stopped for a quick pic.. need some fog lights if anybody has any going?

    Untitled by Matthew cox, on Flickr
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