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Thread: What have I done... My 2.0 16v resto, that will never again see a road.

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    What have I done... My 2.0 16v resto, that will never again see a road.

    I drove my Corrado for a couple years, then got something a bit more sensible, so had her off the road. I was changing careers and was at college doing bodywork and paint. I thought I could use the Corrado for practice and also, to respray it for when I get it back on the road. So one thing led to another and before I knew it, I had a bag full of bolts, a shed full of parts, and a bare shell. I stripped the whole car in my front garden in a matter of a few weeks, because I am so clever.....

    Where am I at now then? So I actually managed to do any bodywork and paint the whole shell, as well as a few other bits. I removed any loose underseal and rust from the floor pan (barely any rust to be fair), etch primed and re-sealed it inside and out. High build primed the bonnet, rubbed down and sprayed, but the base coat is stripy in certain lights, so needs re-spraying. Started doing a bit of re-assembly.

    This is when I started my new job in the industry. I thought, oh, I can't wait to spray all the parts and get them back on the car. I shot blasted the petrol tank straps and sprayed them black. Cleaned the tank and bolted it back on.

    That was it. Winter hit. Overtime. Going out every weekend. I had about 1 hour of sunlight per week that I could actually get outside and work on the car. At work, they close the doors and set the alarm at 6pm. I was managing about 4 hours of work on the car per month.

    At home I took out the wiring looms. I removed ALL the old black, sticky tape. Got some thinners and sat in my room cleaning every wire, cable tying as I went. Took me a few weeks. Good job I'm used to working with thinners. Then I went to the shed and found another bunch of grubby, sticky looms. That was breaking point.

    In my life I have done assembly work in engineering, hydraulics, electrics, lighting. I've always done manual labour and heavy jobs, working with my hands and most tools, but this project doing it mostly at home, I just don't think I have the energy or skills to finish it. I'm supposed to be buying a house in may! haha

    Anyway, I thought it would be therapeutic to post the progress, so here's the pictures.

    Michaels Phone 2 3259.jpg
    Michaels Phone 2 3559.jpg
    Michaels Phone 2 3258.jpg
    Michaels Phone 2 3576.jpg
    Michaels Phone 2 3582.jpg
    Michaels Phone 2 3469.jpg
    Michaels Phone 2 3575.jpg
    Michaels Phone 667.jpg
    Michaels Phone 2 271.jpg

    It won't let me upload half the pictures, but I'm sleepy, so I'm going to bed.

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    Looks great, Keep up the good work and it'll soon be back on the road

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    Looks good but can see how these sorts of projects can get demotivating as they progress.

    I'd love to learn bodywork and spraying. I've been office based for my working life but happiest working with my hands sigh. With kids, mortgage it's not really possible to switch things up.
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    I get that. I made the decision to go back to college and start the body repair when I was in my late 20's, no mortgage and no kids. Now I'm about to get the mortgage and kids and I'm happy I made the change when I did.
    It is very hard work though. every weekend my hands and back hurt bad haha. I just wish my new place would let me store the Corrado there for a few months. I'd be there every chance I get.

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    I found it tedious enough removing the old tape to put new tape on the looms, the thought never crossed my mind to go ahead and clean each wire haha.

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    Yeah it was mad. They were just all very sticky, greasy, grimey. I wanted to know the condition, plus, I secretly enjoy jobs like that and couldn't stop cleaning. I can get a bit obsessive when I get going.

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    a test of motivation !!

    i rebuilt my full car in a singal garage with no electric, no facilities and no heat

    took me a year not stop and no going out but it got done and its stayed pretty mint since

    keep up the good work and you will soon be enjoying it again

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    Watching this with interest I have the same spec car and have always wanted to do this to mine. But I just don't have the time, skills and patience that you do. Keep up the great work mate it'll look amazing when finished!
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