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Thread: Engine bay fuel lines Passat fit umm ??

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    Engine bay fuel lines Passat fit umm ??

    Today I purchased the fuel lines to the left side of the VR6 engine above the serpentine belt which wasn't easy as the stock ones are now apparently obselete. I wanted to keep oringinal rather then aftermarket. After much searching on the web I managed to purchase one from Germany and the other from a car part hoarder in the UK, both are old but unused stock which I aint chuffed about forking out the best part of 70 quid and not in packaging.

    One thing I did notice was the fuel lines looked the same as Passat VR6 which are available from VW classic parts that are cheaper and new in the box which is reassuring been a fuel line !

    So part numbers as followed for x2 hoses Corrado 021133988K 021133990K
    Passat 021133988J 021133990J

    Has anyone had a punt on the passat hoses to see if they fit the Corrado they look just the same on ?????


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    Hmmm - I was able to buy the stock ones from the dealer 3-4 years ago. Not sure about the Passat ones, but if they are off an early code VR6 they should fit. You can actually just use standard fuel injection piping from any motor factors and bend it to fit - the VW hoses are not anything special, simply shaped to fit the routing. It's a relatively low pressure injection system, so once they they are tight with no leaks or touching anything they should be ok.

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    The stealer said they have been obselete for 4 years so I guess you had last pickings , not sure how you work out if the part is an early code Vr6 my Rado is a 95 run out model.

    Would be good for fellow members to know if the passat ones fit .
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