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Thread: OEM or keep aftermarket

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    OEM or keep aftermarket

    Hi all,

    My Rado VR6 is shortly going in for a complete supension over hall including B4 shocks , Eibach springs and top mounts on all corners, new rear axle bushing and the four bushings on the front beam subframe and droplinks wishbones etc. The old supension has HandR + Koni shocks and were fitted in 2003 alongside a front Vibra technics engine mount(only front).

    So my question is would you get a set of three new stock engine mounts ?. I know the VT has rave reviews but some saying especially in their 40s like me they would prefer stock and it must be getting old if fitted in 2003 !

    Any comments welcome would you swop it out?

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    I think if it's going to be a mostly stock road car I would go for stock bushings. My reasons would be to keep as many vibrations and harshness out of the cabin.
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    The standard bushes do make a signficant difference on the NVH front. If nothing else now you've experienced one, why not try the other?
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    I took your advice lads and got three new mounts on order , couldnt get VW parts as obselete but ended up getting a variety of Febi, JP Group , didnt fancy the Meyle set but Im sure they are good, prob all identical to be honest made in China then stamped for differnet manufacture that is the way its going these days. It would of been ashame to have not of replaced them if doing the rest of the suspension.

    I will have a fair few bits of bobs to sell once complete and will post on here when the time comes.

    P.s PFNSHT I am now in possesion of rear eibach springs EW8502002HA which are a lot longer then the originals I will let you know how they fit.
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