Hello guys need some help, I installed my new starter motor it a RTX one, once the car was started after 5 mins I heard the starter wind down, and smoke, I removed it from the car and bench tested , the solonoid engages out but the starter does not turn and the motor is burnt out, I'm now wondering if it's the wiring , the wiring is as follows - there is a cable from the positive battery lead going to the solenoid, the in the same stud of the solonoid there is a wire from that to the alternator, I then have a a smaller wire that is on a black single solace connector on the starter and that's it, there is a bracket attached to one of the starter retaining bolts but it's just holding in wires, also I can only see one ground wire from negative terminal to the chassis and on to the gear box, I have been told that is the ground for the engine side , so was wondering where the ground for the starter is, I'm really stuck on what to look out for, previously the starter was a bosch one and was smoking but burnt out after couple days, all help is greatly appriciated in advance