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Thread: Speed lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dox View Post
    He's still registered, but banned from the classifieds so hasn't posted for 7 years
    Ok I get you one way traffic by the sounds of it.
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    Cheers everyone I’ll keep searching for the right set
    Just got hold of a lovely alpine Vr
    Needs minimal attention, unlike the last one lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by caz.w View Post
    After a nice set of vr6 speed lines
    Hi, where are you based? I have a replacement set for my car which I hope to swap my tyres off the old ones on to in the next couple of weeks.
    I'm based in Southam, Warwickshire. If you're anywhere near you could have my old ones for refurbishing? They're not brilliant but look better than those Gumtree ones.
    EMail me at [email protected] if at all interested.
    Cluffy (Kieran)

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    South Leicestershire that would be great
    I’m taking my golf to stealth at the wkend
    So could arrange to pop by if that’s any good

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