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Thread: Front Drivers side wing

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    Good work Tam. Unfortunately I don’t know if any panels.

    Maybe stick it on the Facebook site for additional traffic too?

    Seems silly a panel such as the wing, that’s in prime position to get damaged or rusted is not available and could end up writing off or aesthetically destroying an otherwise clean car.
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    Well looks like my search for front wings may be over, picked a passenger wing up this morning and it looks rust free and in good condition, i will get a better look at it tonight when i get home. I also finally managed to get hold of a drivers side wing which i will be picking up tomorrow, its also rust free and its this one i need more. Don't think my passenger wing needs replaced but thought best to have one for each side when it goes in to the body shop. Much cheaper swapping a wing over then having to get rust cut out and new metal welded in.

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