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Thread: Some more photos from my attempted resto

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    Some more photos from my attempted resto

    I wish I had the time to organise these photos properly and show everyone the full story. I have put a lot of hours in and have so little time nowadays. If no one buys her off me in the next couple years, I'll hopefully have a garage of my own to finish her.

    Michaels Phone 481.jpg
    Michaels Phone 480.jpg
    19th March 18 105 - Copy.jpg
    19th March 18 107.jpg
    Michaels Phone 2 2464 - Copy.jpg
    Michaels Phone 2 2465.jpg
    Last of old Samsung A3 185 - Copy.jpg
    Last of old Samsung A3 228 - Copy.jpg
    Last of old Samsung A3 213 - Copy (2).jpg
    Last of old Samsung A3 217 - Copy (2).jpg
    Michaels Phone 2 959.jpg
    Michaels Phone 2 1139.jpg
    Michaels Phone 602.jpg
    Michaels Phone 601.jpg

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    a lot of talent there - really good work.
    VR6 Auto to manual conversion, beige leather, aircon, TT comps, blue dash lights & switches, Koni TA/Nothelle springs, OBD2, 264 cams, Schrick

    my car

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    Well done sir , great work.

    92 VR6 . DBP. She will never be a show car ..... But will be up there with the best of em .

    The bmw seems invincible in isolation . But along side the corrado - a modern classic , we think- it has its work cut out . Autocar 1992.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fla View Post
    a lot of talent there - really good work.
    Thanks. I'm really looking forward to having my own garage. Working on this was obviously just practice, but now I'm doing this stuff every day, I know I enjoy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robrado974 View Post
    Well done sir , great work.
    Thanks very much. Just wish I had the facilities to finish it. My boss shows no signs of letting me take it to work haha. Too many high end motors to paint, they don't want my hunk of junk in there taking up space.

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    good work.
    its a pain not having a garage to use i can feel your pain!
    for years i messed about with driveway mechanics battling the weather which always comes at the worse point lol
    luckily my dad built a large garage i have a corner of to use its a godsend i couldnt have completed all the work i have with out it.
    looking good tho
    G60-1991-Alpine White-JMR Stage 4 charger-JMR Big Valve Head-Schrick 268/276 Cam-forged 83mm pistons-
    link to build thread

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