Hi all, very sorry if this had been done to death.
Iv recently been re building a fully bare corrado originally a 2.0.
Had no engine etc so decided to put a 1.8 turbo out of an Octavia vrs 2005.
Any way sorry to go on the issue Iím having is the clutch, I have an original 2.0 gearbox with a g60 flywheel and vr6 clutch and pressure plate.
The clutch is permanently dis engaged.
Had the box back out to check the obvious.
Plate fitted the correct way. Using g60 hex head flywheel bolts, release bearing and arm fitted correctly. And operated the slave removed from the box and all is fine.
Iv been trying to find some god images of flywheel and clutches fitted to these engines to compare and canít seem to.
Should this set up work ? Or should I be using a 2.0 pressure plate ?
Any help would be great and sorry to go on.