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Thread: Control arm and ball joint replacement - tips

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    Control arm and ball joint replacement - tips

    Hi all,

    Noticed a bit of play on the 12/6 o'clock test + a torn boot on the the ball joint. One of my control arm bushes looks a bit cracked too so I've seen some Febi Bilstein control arm + ball joint assemblies for circa £67 ea and plan to replace myself. Does that sort of price sound alright?

    Gaining confidence working on the car but haven't done this job before. I have tools, including an impact wrench & torque wrench.

    On reading I've seen it's advisable to jack both sides up when replacing a ball joint - is this necessary if replacing control arm and ball joint as a ready assembled unit? Reason I ask is because my drive way is slightly sloped and it's easier to jack one side at a time.

    As far other stuff - is it just a couple of bolts on the body/sub frame and off it will drop? Any advice on torque settings?

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    Oh and any advice on anything else it might make sense to change/inspect at the same time would be great too.

    The car has just had new shocks, springs and top mounts.

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    Not sure about torque setting but I purchased a Febi kit waiting to fit off ebay that came with the wishbones and a few other goodies.

    Have you inspected the front droplinks ? There are also four bushes on the front beam , 3 engine and tranmission mounts ,and 2 rear axle bushes.

    Front x 4 bushes beam

    Drop links

    Front suspension kit

    Rear axle bushes

    Let us know if you want a link for the engine and tranny mounts and Ill pop them over to you as well.

    If jacking on a sloped drive I advise putting a couple of tyres under the car to act a safety cushion if the jack becomes unlodged, only metioned this as it happened to me once and it was one hell of a close shave.
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    Jacking up both sides is essential if you are doing anything with the anti roll bar. You don’t want the twist in it when undoing anything, broken bones likely.

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