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Thread: Vr6 owner looking for other enthusiasts in the pnw Oregon/Washington area

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    Vr6 owner looking for other enthusiasts in the pnw Oregon/Washington area

    My names victor and I live in Portland Oregon, Iím looking for fellow corrado owners in my area to hang out and maybe hit some events in either Oregon or Washington. I have a 1993 vr6 and to be honest I donít think Iíve ever seen another corrado on the road around here. If you have one letís chat! My Instagram is @victerps
    Not sure if this is the best thread category to be posting this but I didnít see any other better options

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    Don't think there is anyone from your neck of the woods here, were mainly uk based with a sprinkling of German and Italian. Good luck....
    Corrado VR6 - Aqua Blue LC5U - 96 'N' Plate
    Black Leather - Heated Seats - Air Con
    Totally Standard and intend to keep it that way !

    Hibernation for Winter ! SORN

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