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Thread: Need steering rack replacement, may as well do clutch at the same time???

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    Need steering rack replacement, may as well do clutch at the same time???

    I need a steering rack replacement on my 93 rado. It leaks like a sieve. The bentley says that you have to drop the subframe to remove the rack (which I believe... I've been under the car too often), but I also kinda need a clutch. Does it make sense to do both at the same time? I'll be paying someone to do this because there ain't no way in hell I'm trying to replace a freaking steering rack in the middle of a canada winter.... by myself.... outside. (Yes I'm aware that it'll be expensive as hell.) I know the transmission removal isn't required for the steering rack replacement, but I'm pretty sure dropping the subframe would allow for easier transmission removal... no?

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    It would allow easier access to the gearbox.. but make sure you have all the necessary engine supports in above.

    I'd wait for Canadian summer and do it myself

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    You don't have to drop the subframe, you can get away with loosening or even just moving the steering column so you can get the UJ out.

    If you do drop the subframe though, then yes it makes gearbox removal a lot easier.

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