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Thread: Brake fluid reservoir full

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    Bleeding brakes on the Corrado is same as any car of the era mate, so a quick interwebs search will tell you all you need to know. I think what you're getting is a general reluctance for people to retype the same info that is all over the web.

    Anyway, yes, start with caliper furthest from the master cylinder, clamp open the rear bias valve, there is a bleed nipple on the master cylinder, two on the ABS unit, one on each caliper. I use an easy bleed kit and also do the clutch at the same time as the feed for this is off the reservoir - the bleed nipple for the clutch is on the slave cylinder on the gearbox.

    I've never tried a 'gravity feed' method, sounds like you'll need a week to do it that way!

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    That's pretty much it as above - some clutch masters will have a bleed nipple on them as well, but most just have the one on the slave. I use one of the Sealey pressure bleeders that you pump up by hand, and they work a treat and also meant that you don't need to mess around with a spare tyre.

    I can't see the gravity method working too well as all the fluid needs to get through the ABS pump to get to the callipers.

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