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Thread: Installing new stereo + DAB aerial

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    Installing new stereo + DAB aerial

    Hi all,

    I haven't installed a new headunit for years. Last time I did it (Vauxhall Corsa!) I remember it all being plug and play, perhaps I had to buy an adapter for the plug to the car.

    I know I want DAB and bluetooth this time round and have the original Sony stereo currently in situ with original wiring. I've narrowed my choice down to this unit (must have LED option for green lighting):

    Since I have my headlining out for retrimming (that job is now done) I bought and installed a new bee-sting DAB aerial. The aerial has FM, DAB and 12v power leads to install.

    Couple of questions before I pull the trigger and buy the head unit -

    - I can't see a DAB aerial port on the back of the unit in the pictures - does it instead locate on the connection harness?
    - Do I need to buy any adapters for the wiring?
    - I need a perm live (ideally switching on and off with the unit) to power the aerial, just so I am double sure which colour is it? I will test with multimeter. Please let me know if there is a better way to power the aerial!


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    Page 32 of the manual shows the connections.
    DAB aerial connects to top right on the rear panel - above the analogue aerial.

    It looks a good unit - report back with your thoughts when its in.

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    Cheers Philly, school boy error there - I didn’t even think to look at the manual. Now realise what the yellow wire with the black box is for.

    I think I’ll go for it. Assume I can connect up the aerial’s 12v live to the yellow wire (ignition live?). The aerial instructions ask for a 3amp inline fuse...

    1995 White VR6 CCGB Member 4303

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