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Thread: Drivers Wing Swap

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    Drivers Wing Swap

    Hi all,
    I recently picked up a rust free drivers side wing for my VR6 but it looks like it is an early wing as the flared arch isnt as big as the ones on the car. I was wondering if there is anyone in a similar situation who had picked up a drivers wing for an early car and ended up with a later wing. If so then would you be interested in a swap. Failing that ill have to put it on the car well i send mine away to get repaired.

    Ty In advance

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    I feel for you matey. Spent a lot of time and money on getting parts for my car only to get them home and find that my original joy at getting said part was misplaced, frustration follows the joy shortly after. That’s part of Corrado ownership. Highs and lows. The highs out way the lows though unless you don’t learn fast or can’t remember stuff. Having said that in the heat of the moment it’s hard to get your act together on something that’s not your everyday carry off. Good late wings are hard to come by though, have you tried lilfuzzer on here or put a wanted advert up.
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    I would be interested in a swop. I bought an early corrado bit it has a later drivers wing. The flare is bigger than the passenger side and overhangs the earlier bumper. What's your location pal?
    Thanks Andy

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