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Thread: ARB issue

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    ARB issue

    I’ve recently had some Coilovers and new wishbones fitted at a local garage but they have said when they refitted the antiroll bar it was fouling on the wishbone so they have had to flip it. Seems abit strange to me. Does anybody have any pictures of there wishbone and arb set ups so I can compare them to mine to see if I can spot anything wrong?
    Thanks in advance

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    Car is a 94 VR6

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    I'd check the wishbones are the right way round too, the little bit the ARB connects to will give it away
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    All sorted now thanks! Wishbones on the wrong way round. Rear coulovers are really noisy though . Never ending 🤦🏻*♂️

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    Should fit new mounts when fitting new shocks or coilovers. Rear beam bushes too, as non wlll last long with a stiffish set up if not new.
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    Judging by the fact the garage was dumb enough to fit wishbones incorrectly, your rear coilovers are almost certainly fitted wrong somehow - topmounts not tightened up on top allowing the coilover to drop when you come down off a bump/undulation in the road perhaps

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