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Thread: Has anyone seen this VR6??

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    Has anyone seen this VR6??

    Hi all,

    A huge long shot but I have to start somewhere I guess....

    It's been a while since I've been on this forum because I sold my VR6 in 2013. I've always regretted selling it but I had my reasons back then (in retrospect they were stupid reasons). Anyway, I'm now in a better position with a garage and a bit of cash to restore it.

    It's a midnight blue VR6 (see attached) with the registration M596 YPU and it had about 100k on the clock when I sold it. It had all the usual mods, lupo wipers, coilovers, etc and was pretty rust free. I was based on east London when I sold the car but cannot remember the name nor location of the buyer back then hence why this is such a long shot!

    From the DVLA history it looks like it was declared SORN in 2014. I'd like to think its in the middle of some major work to bring it back to life but understand its unlikely! I'd like to rescue this one, restore it and use it as a weekend car *maybe* giving it to my son when he's old enough.

    So has anyone seen this car parked up in a driveway somewhere???
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    Found a picture of it here, but I think it's from before you sold it - it was having some major restoration work at a bodyshop so would seem a shame if it was broken. If SORN and low mileage it could be being stored in some collectors lot.
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