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Thread: Car won't turn over

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    Quote Originally Posted by fla View Post
    fuel feed blocked perhaps, maybe due to clogged filter? Also check the return line - this just goes back to the tank. Might help to check pressure at the fuel rail too.
    Fuel pump relay ok? On the VR this is number 167 (or 67)
    I actually had replaced the filte and the pumpr not too long ago but did have to replace the line running to the fuel rail so maybe it isn’t on their good enough? There’s no gas leaking from it so I can’t see that being an issue but it might be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simeon View Post
    How does it run for those 2 minutes?

    You could check the usual culprits - the ISV and the idle screw on the throttle body [this has a rubber o-ring that sometimes deteriorates resulting in an air leak] - although these will usually result in a rough idle / no idle at all.

    It runs pretty good for that couple minutes. It sounds fine and isles pretty well. I’ll double check the ISV and idle screw just to be sure though. If the fuel line hose isn’t all the way on could this result in an air leak as well by chance?

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