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Thread: Hello chaps

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    Hello chaps

    Hi all,

    I have registered to this forum as I am willing to be a rado member (again). I always loved the vw corrado as it was one of the bests cars of the market when I was a kid. Of course you can get better cars if you get Porsche, top spec Mercs etc. but at that time not everyone could afford a corrado. It's shape,vr6 engine, the sound, the active spoiler... it was a dream!

    In 2012 I bought a 16v 70k miles unit and it was amazing. I was really happy. Unfortunately the car got scrapped as it got burned while I was driving it. Still I don't know the cause but my corrado experience ended that day.

    7 years later, here I am, still remembering those days and starting to look at the market to get a good vr6, I waited for 7 years and hence, I can wait a bit longer to find the right one. In the meantime, I will be around here, reading you guys. Hopefully I can meet some of you soon in the following meetings

    Have a nice day!


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    Hi and Welcome. Good luck in your seach - I agree the things like the spoiler, VR6 (and other engines such as 16v and G60) are what makes it special to me.

    Sorry to hear about your old one. I carry a 10mm spanner in the car just incase so I can disconnect the battery if it happens. Do inspect your wiring around the battery connections - seen a couple go up in smoke due to this (and hence carrying the spanner!).

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    Hi! I am a newbie too!
    Nice to meet you here

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    According to some members, its the headlight switch that causes the ignition and the fire. There is a mod to minimise this issue and its something that will do to my future corrado.

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    Forgot to mention that I am based in North Cambridge. So if anyone wants to have a meeting I would be more than happy

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    Welcome to the forum. It’s fairly quiet on here compared to a few years ago. Still a good place to be with some very knowledgeable people.
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    Hi all, i`m new too :3

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    Hi and welcome,lhave just sold my corrado,but still come on to come on here a look what is going on

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1200 bandit View Post
    Hi and welcome,lhave just sold my corrado,but still come on to come on here a look what is going on
    we spoke once over Facebook. Nice rado you had, I was very tempted but I am trying to find a VR.

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