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Thread: Stereo wiring harness

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    Stereo wiring harness

    Has anyone managed to rip out an entire audio harness?

    My stereo has never worked and no matter where I try to test for voltage I get nothing, so planning on ripping it all out.

    Also if anyone has, where have you purchased from?

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    I'd say it won't come out as a single harness - you'll have 8 x speaker wires, +12v switched from ignition, +12v from battery, earth, ariel power, speed sensor, illumination, maybe phone mute and more if you have a CD changer. These will all go back to different places in the loom. You should be able to identify the original wires for power if you dig deep enough - often someone will have hacked into it and fitted a connector.

    The attached (in german) is for the Gamma IV layout in a Passat of similar vintage - but it will give you the wire colours with a bit of Google Translate - e.g. blue/white speed sensor in spoiler control module, brown for earth, red for ign live, etc.

    I'll see if I have anything else useful.
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    I don't know the back story on this but hopefully his will help:

    From the CE2 webpage it says these are the following wires.
    Red - Permanent live Q/3
    Brown - Ground/negative E/5
    Brown/Red - Switched live (ignition) H1/7
    Grey/Blue - Instrument panel lighting Q/6
    Blue/White - Speed signal for automatic volume (only used on VW oem units AFAIK)

    Check power at head unit, red should be constant and brown/red is switched but probably a yellow wire by the time it gets the head unit. If nothing, check at fusebox, if you get something there check resistance and hopefully find you've just got a broken wire.

    Also, when checking power earth to an earth point not the radio earth just incase it's a bad earth

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