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Thread: Sunroof internal cover/blind

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    16th April 2006
    from what I remember and can see from your pictures with the sunroof adventure I had - that doesn't look like an original Corrado mechanism... if you do source an original the lifters that slide and tilt the internal trim really are made out of monkey metal and snap very easily. maybe try and source a glass panel?

    Could be worth getting the panel off and getting a few more pictures so we can help identify it too?

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    22nd May 2008
    A few more pics as requested:
    Does it look like a non Corrado cassette?

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    16th April 2006
    Unless there were different revisions I'm afraid that isnt a stock Corrado sunroof. the hammer and guides are different and there is no way for it to pull the trim back into place.

    I would ether source a stock cassette or look to go down the glass option?

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    Yes, I'd agree there - not an original Corrado mechanism. All these sunroof mechs work in more or less the same way, and some parts are interchangeable, with some differences. The lifters for the trim are the missing pieces. The glass roof ones come with a vented trim panel that slides back by hand and doesn't lift.

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