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The rollers might not fit a loose window, but are a wise check and easily replaced. Clean and grease the rails as well if you can.

There is a rectangular metal runner/guide bracket on the B pillar side of the window mech that is supposed to be bonded to the glass and runs up and down a vertical rail as the window opens and closes - if the glass was ever replaced following a break in then it's possible that this was not bonded back on as it just sits at the bottom of the rail - this will cause a lot of rattling and a loose window.

It's easy enough to locate if you but your hand behind the skin on the right, locate the rail, and check bottom (loose) or top (attached to glass).

Some have just fixed it in place at the bottom of the rail, as it's well out of the way, just to fix rattling, but the secure the glass properly it need to be bonded back on.
Thank Fen I'll keep that in mind in the future but I can't bring myself to peel off the membrane now it has been newly fitted. One thing I was thinking is some waterproof treatment to the bottom of the internal door as this looks like a very damp area and prone to erosion.