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Thread: 16v. Big Project/ tonne of parts. Regretfully selling

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    16v. Big Project/ tonne of parts. Regretfully selling

    Done a tonne of work to this but moving house soon, so am not in the position to do the work needed. Currently making a trolley for transport. I don't want to scrap her but if it's not sold in a couple months, I don't have much choice. Photos are in a fairly random order!!! Also, underside of shell has been wire wheeled, de-rusted, ku-rusted, etch primed and brush sealed.
    Engine has been partly dis-assembled, but nothing serious, and I have pretty much every part that came off the car. Will be selling in parts soon if not sold as one.

    20180415_182426.jpg19th March 18 105 - Copy.jpg19th March 18 107.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3668.jpgLast of old Samsung A3 106 - Copy - Copy.jpgLast of old Samsung A3 103 - Copy.jpgLast of old Samsung A3 106 - Copy.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3580.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3582.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3577.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3468.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3469.jpgLast of old Samsung A3 179 - Copy - Copy.jpgLast of old Samsung A3 185 - Copy.jpg20180304_163736.jpg20190204_183410.jpg20190309_103047.jpg20190309_103041.jpg20190309_103032.jpg20190309_091143.jpg20190309_091131.jpgLast of old Samsung A3 217 - Copy (2).jpgLast of old Samsung A3 213 - Copy (2).jpgMichaels Phone 2 035.jpgLast of old Samsung A3 228 - Copy.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3575.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3560.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3558.jpgMichaels Phone 480.jpgMichaels Phone 2 2464 - Copy.jpgMichaels Phone 519.jpgMichaels Phone 641.jpgMichaels Phone 584.jpgMichaels Phone 2 852.jpgMichaels Phone 2 271.jpgLast of old Samsung A3 091 - Copy.jpgMichaels Phone 2 274.jpgMichaels Phone 2 730.jpgMichaels Phone 2 728.jpgMichaels Phone 481.jpgMichaels Phone 2 958 - Copy.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3561.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3259.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3258.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3221.jpgMichaels Phone 2 3133.jpgMichaels Phone 601.jpgMichaels Phone 2 1083 - Copy.jpgMichaels Phone 667.jpgMichaels Phone 2 2465 - Copy.jpgMichaels Phone 2 1139.jpgMichaels Phone 2 959.jpgMichaels Phone 2 270.jpg

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    Best to say where you are as it’ll help your chances of finding someone local
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    Looks like a fantastic project for someone!

    Could you please add a price ASAP.
    'ave it!

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