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Thread: Advice needed! Selling as parts!

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    Advice needed! Selling as parts!

    So I might be selling my project as parts, as it's a lot more difficult to sell as a job lot/ project.
    Has anyone out there got any advice for selling a car in bits? The main problem I see coming is the price of postage... For example if someone wants to buy the spoiler, but doesn't want to pick up... surely a courier would be pretty expensive?? I haven't much time to do the research, but I may be starting listing stuff next week, so any advice would be much appreciated.

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    You need easily accessible storage and lots of time to take everything apart cleanly. Check out your local delivery companies and see what's available in terms of shipping/postage options - if you build up a relationship with them they will likely cut you a good deal.

    It's possible to ship almost anything - just a matter of cost and how much the buyer wants to pay for the convenience - after all you're not paying for it, simply arranging it. Your bigger problem is secure packaging to avoid any damage in transit and insurance - otherwise these things can turn nasty when things don't arrive as expected.

    If you are located fairly centrally a lot of people are happy to collect, as they will often want to see what else you have and this can work out well for you as they might buy more.

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