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Thread: Elsecar at the races, Doncaster

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    Elsecar at the races, Doncaster

    Been to this show today, last minute knowing about it and decision to go. Was a good turnout of some great cars. Sadly only saw 3 Corrados inside the venue, luckily another 3
    In the car park. All nice. There were over 20 g60 rally golfs together, that was impressive. Anyone else been?
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    I didn't know about it either to be honest, is it a regular thing? If so, I'll stick the next one in the calendar.
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    I went along, was decent, especially with it being the Rallye 30th anniversary, was great to see so many in one place

    Like you say Cressa, poor showing of Corrados, but there were a couple dotted about

    Tom, yes Elsecar has been around for years, although it has only been 'at the races' (ie moved to Donny racecourse as it outgrew previous venue in Elsecar) for a couple of years. It'll be happening next year I'm sure, although it's usually on the Easter Monday; presumably it was moved this year as Easter is so late

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