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Thread: Cooling Radiator rewire guys

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    Cooling Radiator rewire guys

    Hi all

    Is there anywhere in the Midlands area that can rewire the entire wiring for the cooling system on a vr6 as mine does whatever it wants

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    What is happening exactly? Check out the definitive VR6 cooling thread stickied in the engine section of the forum for plenty of helpful info - I can't think of a reason why you would need to rebuild the entire loom unless it was butchered or damaged in the past.

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    Fans only work on full speed. Both fans come on.
    Sometimes come on when you turn ignition off and take key out. Put key in. They go off

    Today turned car off. Went to shop. Came back and fans had turned themselves on

    Replace temp sensor in rad and large relay by header tank

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    Ok - still worth going through the steps in the guide. Which speed are they coming on at? I presume speed 3 since you say full in your post? The two fans are linked by a belt and the motor only drives one, so both will always spin together unless the belt breaks.

    Have you replaced the temp senders in the thermostat housing at the front of the engine block?

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    Sounds like the full speed relay in the fan control unit is stuck. Might be worth removing and dismantling to clean the contacts. I've not taken one apart so cant really suggest any pointers there unfortunately although I'm sure someone can advise.
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    It's the third one and still the same.

    2 used 1 brand new

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    It's worthwhile removing the little fuse strip at the top of the fan module and giving it and the contacts a clean if there is any corrosion forming.

    Fans coming on some minutes after a car has been switched off is a normal occurrence as far as I'm aware.

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    Have you tried hot wiring the fan from the battery to see if it will produce all three speeds, I’m wondering if the fan is goosed and will only work on speed 3. If the fan works correctly chase the wires from the fan plug to the controller ( big black relay near expansion tank) the positive feed wires from it to the fan maybe joined together so always sending power for speed 3
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    Radiator fan speed 3 is the black sensor in thermostat housing not in the radiator, thats stage 1 & 2 I think. I'd start with the basics, unplug fan & bridge contacts to check 12v on each of the speeds (see million page discussion thread). If they all check out then it's likely your actual fan is packing in. If not maybe try another fan control module as they have been known to pack up, I don't know for sure but you might be able to try any fan controller of that era instead of corrado with scene tax added.

    The way the system works is that you have 3 x 12v feeds to the fan (stage 1,2 & 3), stage 1 goes through 2 resistors, stage 2 goes through 1 and stage 3 is direct feed.

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    Using a mechanical fan for a high horsepower application can work just fine if a couple of things are considered. A larger radiator, a larger clutch-fan, and a shroud would probably keep your engine cool; mechanical fans can sometimes work better than electric fans.

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