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Thread: Exhaust Rubber mounts

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    There is plenty to choose from. I am anti buying anything from China, but can they really [email protected]$k up a rubber mount?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dox View Post
    I'm sure you can get polyurethane mountings?

    Also C and R used to sell rubber mounts with chains inside for the Quattro that fitted MK2s?
    Ah yes, remember them well - has them on my Audi CQ back in the day. It's a pity they don't make them any more, but I believe some rally/motorsport companies sell similar reinforced ones for competition use, but you would probably end up paying through the nose for them, which kind of defeats the purpose of this thread!

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    Get the red ones from any newer VW, these are solid!
    I bought 10 pieces for a fiver at my local junkyard

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    Just found 3 at the auto jumble £1.50

    Nearly there!

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    C&R no longer list the ones with chains.

    I think they still do them. They have an eBay shop, erm...
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    Thanks for the link

    I found their website which listed NLA but didn't think about ebay.

    I'm not sure they will really be suitable for my exhaust as the metal mount is 12mm round as opposed to the thin curved type that those fit. Plus I think they need to be longer over all as these ones will probably pin the exhaust up rather than let it hang freely.

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