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Thread: G60 now up for sale

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    G60 now up for sale


    Hi guys,

    Finally selling my G60 after owning for 20 years.

    Reluctant sale, still a great runner and bodywork is sound. Supercharger was OVH by John Mitchell Racing approx 4 years ago, a lot of other work done at the time which unfortunately I’ve lost the receipt for!

    229k on the clock, I’m looking for £3,450.

    Note:- Recorded as Cat - C. This was my fault due to accident in 1999. The damage was repaired by VW specialist at the time and has driven absolutely fine since. I can let you know full details if interested.

    Drop me a line if you’d like to know further.

    Kind regards,


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    Nice stock looking G60 that hasn't been destroyed by modders.

    I bought one recently so I'm not a buyer but good luck with the sale

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    Hi mooG60, thanks bud, much appreciated!

    It is indeed all standard, the only upgrade on this was a Scorpion stainless exhaust that I put on years ago ��

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    Hi guys, price now reduced to £2,950. Give me a shout if of interest!

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