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    Hey all, long time VW owner first time Corrado owner. Just picked up a 1992 Corrado 16v. One owner, and all original. A friend shipped it over from across the pond and I picked it up in St. Johnís FL and drove it to its new home 1248 miles away in NH. Car drove like a champ and did it with no issues. Itís got some quirks but the bones are all there and I cant wait to get into it. Cheers.

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    Congratulations on your new car, I like your style with a 1,200+ mile test drive! Mate of mine bought an old 911 Targa from California a couple of years ago and is still scared to drive it beyond the end of the street!

    What plans do you have for it?
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    An impressive mission to obtain a Corrado.

    Enjoy your new toy.

    A few pics would be nice.

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    Great story - best of luck with the car. Can't be many 16v ones over there - only G60 and SLC.

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    Thanks guys, the plan is to repair some of the bubbling rust by the gas cap, lower left door, and battery tray. Then I’ve got to sort out suspension, and wheels. I’d like to go through all the bushings as well to tighten up the front end.
    Eventually I’d love a 16vt but that’s a bit down the road.
    I’ll post some pics ASAP.

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