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Thread: First car

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    1st July 2008
    Paid £50 for my first car in 1986,a Renault 12. used my college grant to fix up the engine which along with the rest of the car was rubbish.
    My mates hated going out in it as it kept breaking down
    Funny enough there was one in the same colour at Donnington Historic on Saturday

    Things improved vastly with my second car, Ford Cortina mk5
    1999-2001 91' Nugget Yellow G60
    2001-2014 94' Brilliant Black VR6
    Current - 95' Black Magic Pearl VR6

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    3rd July 2017
    My Mum gave me her old Fiat 128 on passing my test which I drove (and crashed) until I was 21.

    Then I bought an x reg Golf MKI GTi with my hard earned savings, and so began my love for VW's.

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    I rode big, fast motorbikes for years - used to work as a magazine road tester - then finally learned to drive in my early 30s. First car was a 1.3 Polo Coupe S - pretty gutless, had the worst brakes of anything I've ever driven or ridden, too small. I don't know what I was thinking. I upgraded to a Mk2 GTi a year or so later. Oddly I quite liked the Polo and it was the start of my VW thing, but it wasn't really ideal, even after I'd lowered it and upgraded the brakes. It was an 'S' though... I did make me want a G40 for a while.
    Mystic Blue Storm - H&R coilovers - Rear Neuspeed Anti-roll Bar - Magnex - Dieselgeek quick shift and Gruvenparts travel reducer - Few or no functioning brain cells - And a red Mk2 GTi 8v with a TSR-tuned motor.

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    4th October 2012
    Perthshire SCOTLAND
    Mk1 Golf 1.3c 1981 in Pargas blue. it had a few scrapes and bangs but the shell was minted.
    Paid £38.50 for it in 1999. Well the owner said I could have it if I fitted a new exhaust to his Type 2 camper and that was the total price of it.
    It didn't run well due to the classic corroded filler neck contaminating the fuel system with crap. I ran it for 2 months with a jerry can under the bonnet before fixing it.

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    28th January 2009
    Paisley, Scotland
    1959 Mini bought in 1969 for £50. ran it to death over the next five years till the big ends went. I sold it for £100 to a motorsport garage as the early bodyshells were a thinner steel and lighter than the later ones. In the spirit of the time rather than repaint the scratched door I covered the sides with tartan wallpaper..
    Alpine White 1990 1.8 16v gone to a new home.

    Current mode of transport 2001 Megane Cabrio, apologies.

    The older I get the more I recall how little I knew when I knew it all.

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    4th November 2005
    In my garage, somewhere near the top of Suffolk
    1974 mini 1000 bought in 1987 for 400 quid, kept it for 16 years as a project car
    20v Turbo, Audi TT Leather, 17" BBS, 330mm front discs with Brembo;s, 256mm rear, Digital dash in development

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    3rd January 2003
    Waterlooville Hampshire
    A Mk2 Cortina 1600E, paid £640. It’s still on the road today, but sadly not in my possession.
    CCGB 2278
    Past VW Drives: 86 Golf CL, 90 Golf GTI, 90 Corrado 16v, 90 Golf GTI, 96 Golf GTI, 94 Storm Grey Corrado VR, Polo 1.4 CL, 88 Jetta GTI, 90 Golf GTI , 2003 Fabia vRs, 00 Polo GTI
    Current Drives: 94 Aqua Blue VR 89 Golf Mk2 GTI
    07 Fabia VRS Special Edition, Octavia VRS Estate, Kawasaki ZZR 600.

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    My first car was the Corrado '89. She was given to me by uncle when I was 17 years old. Most recently,i rent car Vegas airport and it was the same model of car. After that, I bought myself Corrado again! This car is the first and the best in my life!

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    9th February 2013
    First car was a 1981 dark blue Ford Fiesta 1.1
    with chrome bumpers and wheel trims, this was back in 1995 when I was 19, car cost me something like £700
    But it had the worst crap interior in a sand colour, so found and bought a secondhand XR2 interior and fitted that in.
    Big speakers on the rear parcel shelf and cut the dash out a bit to fit an up to date stereo head unit, as the original old one was just a radio.
    Also fitted an XR2 steering wheel as the original one was thin as a twig

    Had MK2 1.8 Scirocco Scarla 1998 to 2002
    had it lowered on original wheels,
    K&N air fitler and Janspeed exhaust system.

    Now have 94 M reg Corrado 2.0 16v since 2002 still got it,
    been off the road now since early 2015
    hoping to get it finished this year.

    Also have a 2015 Seat Ibiza TSI i-tech as my daily driver.

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    5th December 2005
    1.3 mk3 ford escort....remember modifying it from to an XR3 replica then fitting a series 1 RS turbo kit to it lol
    Corrado VR6 Supercharged+
    Corrado VR6 Storm - Sold
    Corrado 20VT AWD - Sold


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