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Thread: 1993 Corrado VR6 Dragon Green

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    1993 Corrado VR6 Dragon Green


    Hi All,

    I bought this car over 3 years ago now. The chap I bought it from was initially looking for advice on how to repair the car as the headgasket had gone. Headgasket aside, the car needed a huge amount of work just to get it roadworthy, let alone the cosmetic side of things. Having offered the chap a sum of money (bear in mind he didn't want to sell it initially) , I had the car collected from a small hotel in Snowdonia, lumped it onto a transporter and we headed home.

    It took me 2 and a half years to get it to where I wanted. Having thought long and hard about it I have decided to sell, not because I have to but more because I feel i'm doing a dis-service to the car as it's not used. I've driven less than 1000 miles since i have it, at present it lives in my garage under a lovely soft cloth.

    It's time to sell,

    I've spent a huge amount of time and money on the Corrado since i've had it, I do not expect to regain what i've spent as that would simply be unattainable, however I expect a decent amount given how mechanically and aesthetically sound the car is. Below is a large and probably not full list of things I have done/replaced/repaired since owning the car.

    One of the greatest achievements was getting the car refinished, I used a company called "RPM Automotive Refinishers", Ross, the owner, was a fantastic help, always sending me photos/videos, always asked if there was any work that he thinks needed doing on top of what we already agreed. The reason I chose Ross over anyone else was A) his knowledge B) his portfolio of work is exceptional, has worked on many classic cars from E-Types, to Bentleys & VW Campers. I paid just under £7000 for the paint including some welding work etc. The finished is exceptional, i've been back a handful of times to have some other work carried out on the corrado.

    All items new/replaced
    -Timing chains & tensioners
    -Head, valves, etc
    -Engine mounts
    -Water & Fuel pump
    -Fuel lines
    -HT Leads
    -Expansion Tank
    -Thermostat & Radiator
    -Battery & starter motor
    -Pretty much every engine sensor
    -All suspension components, wishbones, track rods, CV joints
    - BC Racing fully adjustable suspension
    -New brake calipers, discs, pads & bearings all round
    -Brake lines all replaced
    -Rubber seals around doors & window scrapers (apart form the obsolete ones)
    -90mm splitter
    -Bonnet cable
    -Scuttle panel
    -Heater matrix
    - Bonnet
    -Windscreen with green tint at the top to match
    -Steering rack
    -Roof rubber seals
    -Wheels refurbished
    -Custom exhaust system
    -Bare metal paint job costing circa £6000-£7000

    Links to photo album on Flickr[email protected]/171WPq

    Around £16,000 spent on this car over the past 3 years i've owned it (like i said i am not looking to recoup that amount, it's important that I tell you this information so you can understand the work that has gone into it) . Don't let the 190k miles put you off this car is spotless and mechanically sound.

    I've probably forgotten a huge amount to be honest, if you have any questions please fire away.

    Looking for £6500 which I think is a good price
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    Worth every penny good luck in your sale if anyone mentions the mileage tell them its just a number.

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    That’s a beautiful paint job. A cracking car for someone to love, enjoy and cherish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lance08 View Post
    Hello Jamie , I am interested in the corrado. Would it be possible to communicate over WhatsApp ? My number is 07542640585.
    I've messaged you....I'd advise you to delete your number off here now.

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    Still for sale

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    Hi - still for sale mate?

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    Certainly is.

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    Good news so far! Are you able to share any more pictures? When is viewing possible? Thanks

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    Did you have a look at the Flickr album?

    My car is located in Birmingham and I live in Manchester. Where will you be travelling from, do you have any available dates and I will try and match with one of those?


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    Thanks mate - yeah I tried to but got a picture of a sad 🐼. Is there another link I can try? I’ll check on dates and let you know

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